The Room 72 Project

College Financial Aid (Part 1): The Grand Illusion


This piece was first published in September, 2011.  I thought it might be instructive to revisit it and to give you some insight regarding any “progress” about the way we Americans pay for college.  Like the proverbial rotting pork chop, things are not getting better with the passage of time. Again this year, millions of […]

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PART 2: A College Financial Aid Plan for the 21st Century


The college financial aid system is badly broken.  Even when a family’s need is validated by the daunting forms and its arcane formulae, there is no guarantee that sufficient aid will follow.  The system has been reduced to an exercise that focuses on process, not results.  What matters is doing the paperwork correctly, not the […]

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Part 3: Navigating the Treacherous Shoals of Congress


We live in an odd time where the content of legislation is rarely considered on its merits.  What matters most is the origin of legislation and the party of its champions.  If it is the child of another party, it will be dead upon arrival which is to say, it won’t even be read much […]

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